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Practicing Minimalism

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Minimalism is the practice of living with less. Everyone has a different interpretation of what “less” means to them. The goal behind minimalism is to downsize and declutter your space and your life to help you better focus on your true priorities. The benefits of practicing minimalism are endless. Minimalism leads to higher productivity, a renewed sense of mindfulness, and allows you to prioritize the things most important to you, such as relationships, traveling, or saving money.

Plant pots reused to depict practicing minimalism

Here are a few simple ways to start practicing minimalism this week.

1) Learn to Say No

How much time and energy do you spend going to engagements that you didn’t necessarily want to attend in the first place? Taking control of your agenda and learning to say no to all of the events that do not provide value to you will give you more time to spend on your priorities.

2) Donate or Sell What You Do Not Need

The whole idea of minimalism is based on eliminating clutter, whether it be clutter in your home, wardrobe, diet, or thoughts.Take a look around your house or apartment. Do you really need or enjoy everything surrounding you? Or is it just adding to the clutter?

3) Discard Duplicates

How many duplicate objects do you have? It may be similar shirts, duplicate kitchen utensils, or electronics. Chances are, you do not use both objects.It can be emotionally difficult to part with the old, so we hang onto it while we buy a new version. We keep the old in the hopes of using it, but the old often adds to the clutter. Consider whether you really need two of an object, or if you can sell or donate the duplicate.

4) Contemplate Before You Buy

Minimalists deeply consider all major purchases before they buy. When you need something new, research to make sure you are finding the best product for you. Study the quality, value for the price, and how much you treasure it. Even the most avid minimalists need to purchase things occasionally, but making wise purchasing decisions is key.

It's quite simple, we encourage to live with minimal things to give a thought about not just one's lifestyle but for the environment as well. This doesn't mean you need to give up everything, Let us think of ways we can implement in our lives, comment on this blog and let us know what is that one thing you would accommodate in your lifestyle. Learn more about us and how can you make a difference with Kine Sanctuary.

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